Abruzzo Cookery & Foodie Experiences


Abruzzo is quite simply authentic Italy at its finest!


Our Abruzzo Cookery & Foodie experiences are truly unique and feature the most amazing highlights at all our carefully selected venues that are run by fabulous hosts and great, passionate chefs!


Choose among our 4 ALL INCLUSIVE proposals to experience that true passion for cooking and genuine food Abruzzo stands for within the most beautiful and stunning territory of Italy! 


4 days / 3 nights

The ideal short break or add-on to any Italian or European Tour!

Group size: 4 - 14

Active all-year-round

Starts every Monday

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5 days / 4 nights

A lovely experience throughout Abruzzo with unique highlights!

Group size: 4 - 14

Active all-year-round

Starts every Tuesday

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6 days / 5 nights

A great combination of highlights and special culinary


Group size: 5 - 8

Active all-year-round


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8 days / 7 nights

Our unique Masterpiece Italian culinary & foodie holiday in Abruzzo named after the Patron Saint of Chefs!

Group size: 4 - 8

Active all-year-round

Monday - Monday

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